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Top 5 Clichés about redundancy

Top 5 Clichés I’ve recently heard when I told someone I had just been made redundant.

(N.B. In all cases, I generally responded with a nod of the head, a “Yes” and a feigned smile – inside though my thoughts were entirely different…..)

1. “Never worry – everything happens for a reason.” True. It does indeed. In this case it was because my job didn’t exist any more. Thank you for your wise words, dear friend. In the future when faced with this somewhat deep and meaningful statement I have decided that I shall rub my chin curiously, and ask ‘Like what?’ No doubt then I shall witness a shocked expression as if the individual has just had a bee landing on their nose, and their response is likely to be a series of ‘umm’s’ & ‘aah’s’. I don’t think a reasonable answer will be given … but it’ll be an interesting experiment nonetheless.

2. “There will be something better around the corner.” Ah… here is this infamous corner everyone always speaks about. I wonder where exactly it is – I wonder if by using Google Maps, I could find it – if I could see round the corner before I actually go there. Hmmm.. is that the same place where the grass is also greener? I shall have a peep, then come back and let you know.

3. Que sera sera. So you know Spanish then? Or is that Portugese? And pray tell, can you spell what you’ve just said? And did you really need to translate it for me? And worse than that, did you really need to sing it?

4. Every cloud has a silver lining. This is news to me! My teachers have a hell of a lot to answer for – I was taught that a cloud was a visible mass of water droplets or frozen ice crystals – but silver never came into it! I’m actually now quite excited about this! Silver clouds ! Who’d have thought???

5. One door closes and another opens. Yes, that is often the case ; in fact it usually is. The same applies for windows, I hear. And as far as I know, rotating doors are rather good at both opening and closingat the same time.

One last thing – please use the comments section – let us know the clichés you’ve heard and what you were really thinking…

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