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Diary of an employable blogaholic

Entry 1. And so I begin….Today is my 32nd day of unemployment*.

*I say unemployment, but in my mind I am still working and therefore my unemployment status does not count. Plus, there are such many negative connotations attached to the word “unemployed”. Therefore, I have decided to no longer use the word unemployed and will, from now on, refer to being employable instead. Such a feeling of positivity already! Let the diary of this employable blogaholic begin!

In the first 32 days, of employability, I have learned;

  1. I am happier, less stressed and I like feeling in control of my new career destiny. If being “inbetween jobs” is the “new work”, I elect myself as Chairman of the board. I will be their spiritual leader! No more 9-5. No more wearing suits and smiling. No more client visits. No more pointless spreadsheets and reports, just to keep other people happy. This does not mean that I won’t return to this lifestyle, or that I didn’t enjoy it. But, please, give me a minute to feel content in my own “employability” and just for a few minutes believe that the next step I take, will be because it is right for me…Hail TheEmployable!
  2. The JobCentre is not a centre. Not perhaps like the dictionary definition anyway; “A government building, where unemployed* people can go for advice** and information on ***jobs which are available”. *employable. **Really? ***Would need to be some ‘suitable’ available jobs first.  Anyhow, the jobcentre seems to be more a collection of uninterested spirits…and before you wonder, I am talking about the staff I have met so far, not the employable fellows like myself. If “sign here” being muttered is ‘advice’ then God help the ones who have a despondent mindset by the time they leave this said “jobcentre” place.
  3. That it is not unusual to feel discriminated against for being “unemployed” (their word, not mine). Last week, I was asked to write to my car insurance company, to explain, yes explain in writing  why I was out of work! Also, to let them know, if I was actively seeking work. No apology was made for this request, it was their business to know apparently. “They don’t like unemployed people, they are really bad like that” it was explained to me, when I called my brokers to find why exactly they needed the information. For the record, I was made redundant, but why would my insurance company need to know about this unfortunate turn of events? Care, when I cannot pay my bill, otherwise, do one…….

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8 Responses to “Diary of an employable blogaholic”

  1. Excellent, just excellent! Hail TheEmployable, indeed. I’m due at the Cffice for the collection of Uninterested Spirits for my mandatory meeting, which is a long-winded process before I hear a muttered, “sign here” and leave. It is genuinely cheering, oddly, to hear shared experiences. I recommend this blog to all.

    Posted by unemployedhack | September 6, 2011, 12:03 pm
  2. I really enjoyed this. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to be completely uninspired by the Job Centre. The guy I had actually put his hand up to my face when I even mentioned my CV (which I was told to bring to my first interview). He also told me my goals for wanting to be a Photographer were unrealistic despite the fact that I have worked as a photographer AND that is what my degree is in! They’ll be looking for admin roles for me…
    I got cut-off due to going abroad and now have to go back there to reclaim, just hoping I don’t get the same guy, the whole experience overall is not something I take enjoyment from and the staff don’t exactly add anything pleasant to the experience.

    Posted by Ruth Johnston (@intoruth) | September 6, 2011, 4:24 pm
    • Hi there Ruth,

      Thank you for your feedback and its crazy that we share actually the same experiences as each other and the other comment from ‘unemployed hack’ below…Looking at someone’s CV surely should be the minimum criteria??! My concern is that no wonder so many people appear not interested in the system if the system is not really interested in them…

      Also re the photography…perhaps we can help. Feel free to send a couple of pictures to employablemenet@gmail.com and we could maybe include them in a future post….

      Let me know anyhow and keep spreading the employable movement!


      Posted by theemployable | September 6, 2011, 9:31 pm
  3. Have a look at this site


    It tells you a lot about how professionals are treated by job centres in the UK – and how to combat it.

    There is also a good blog on here for readers


    Posted by Anya Taylor | October 8, 2011, 10:09 pm
  4. Good idea!

    Ps. More common alternatives to ‘unemployed’ (to avoid the stigma and negativity, just like you do:-)

    Work from home

    … That’s what I say!

    Posted by Mados | January 5, 2012, 11:39 am
  5. I ‘follow’ this blog so it will show up in my feeds.

    Posted by Mados | January 6, 2012, 9:21 am

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