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Working from Home

Not so long ago when somebody suggested working from home, it generally meant some dodgy envelope stuffing scam or the like. Whilst there are still 1000’s of scams of that ilk out there, many people are actually finding that creating their own opportunity from home is now easier than it ever was.

So, if you have just graduated and are facing an extremely difficult jobs market, or if you have just been made redundant and are struggling to see where you can go next in your career, or even if you feel you have had enough of the corporate world , then perhaps you should consider some of of the “working from home” options we have outlined below :


The internet has completely opened up the world of freelancing  – there are websites entirely devoted to companies advertising their freelance requirements and where you “bid” for the work. These sites are generally free to join, but take a fee once you have completed the job. Examples includeElance and PeoplePerHour. So whether you are a technical expert, or a translator or a writer or a Project Manager, you should find a site and potential projects to interest you. Admittedly some sites have a better reputation than others but it is still worthwhile researching which one would be best to market your particular skill .

Develop your creative side

Whether you are an artisan by trade, or have a hobby that you feel could develop into a proper business, then exploring your creative side could be the way forward. The emergence of sites such as Etsy and Folksy has meant that 1000s of people have been able to open their own virtual retail outlets – with an ever increasing customer base – a stark contrast to the current high street.


Ebay of course has changed the world of shopping forever. Virtually everything imaginable can be bought and sold on this global marketplace. And whilst many of use it to buy or sell the odd item or two, many people have made and are continuing to make decent incomes from the site. Ebay business options include selling your own unwanted items, buying products to resell or even creating products yourself and using it as your “shop window” . And the site itself is of course your best resource for market research – use it to check the most popular items being sold and searched for, to check the prices of any of your potential “competitors” and of course for inspiration on what you too could sell.


Writing about something you love and getting paid for it? Well, many bloggers do exactly that. A blog can be created for free or for very little cost – sites such as wordpress, posterous and blogger have meant that creating your own web presence is now possible for anyone. You could blog about yourself, a hobby, your profession, a skill that you have  – the options are really endless. The key thing though is to then build a following and then start looking at ways to monetize your blog e.g. by advertising, having sponsored posts etc. Time and effort are your 2 key requirements and of course the best thing about that is that they are both absolutely free.

Of course what all these things have in common, is that they will all serve to keep you focused, proactive and create some direction  in your life, particularly important , if you are just finished university or just out of work and are at the stage of not knowing what on earth to do next.

You never know – one of these options may just lead you down the road to a full time new career……


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  1. Hey theemployable, Awesome blog. I will post a link on my tumblr page.

    Posted by John | October 9, 2011, 2:19 am

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