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TheEmployable Manifesto – we need you!

At TheEmployable we are passionate in believing that improvements can be made within the Employment sector, be it changes, politically or socially by both employees, employers or the Government. However just as importantly, we believe that economic growth and job creation will only happen if it has the will and design of the people. 
Graduates…the recently redundant…the recently unemployed and the disillusioned worker, what can you do to change your employability? 

What creative ideas and innovative business suggestions, have you got? Would you rather fail at something you love, or be successful at something you hate?Therefore we empower you to help us write our Manifesto. Your ideas, suggestions and principles, however crazy they may seem, may be the idea that makes a difference and we implore you to suggest anything you see fit (within reason). We want this to be your community and your opportunity to help create an innovative and creative employment sector, not one that waits in hope that the perfect job will land at your door! A voice on its own is just a voice, but a community of voices can give the individual, support, ideas, power, and belief. Hail TheEmployable!

The Manifesto

1. The term “unemployed” should be replaced in the main to “employable”.

The term “unemployed” carries with it negative connotations of idleness, laziness,and an inability to work.
This is not true for the majority of “unemployed” people that are actively looking for work and sets people up with a poor mindset from the moment ‘unemployment’ begins. Ask yourself “what skills, experiences, ideas do I have! If there are no jobs available, what job, idea, or innovation can you come up with? Don’t be surprised by the creative ideas you can come up with. Government and its people; don’t concentrate on their unemployed status, concentrate on their employability status. Hail the Employable!

How you can help
Changing your social networking status to “employable”
Spread TheEmployable movement!
Expect more and ask more from the organisations that we have helped fund
Stimulate ideas and think about what you have always wanted to do!
Comment below to submit your Manifesto idea

2. What do you expect when you go to the Job Centre, verses what you actually get?
When I lost my job and became “employable” again, someone wisely said to me, “Don’t expect too much from the job centre”. Fast forward this to my second signing on day. I arrived at 10.14am and left at 10.20am. The only words the “dole officer” offered were “sign here”. Thankfully I had a positive mindset. However imagine, I was already feeling low, unwanted and I had not been able to find work for months. Or, imagine that I had worked for one company for twenty years, I was made redundant, and I needed support.

Support is not just a computerised psychometric test, where you find out you would be good in a job “working with people”. Or a career advisor, who offers no advice. Support, in person and kind, should be the minimum you should expect. After all, this is where you go, to find a job, not to help create a cycle of a negative mindset. After all, this is place where the majority of the ‘employable’  have previously help fund through their taxes whilst working. This is the place where your employability should be pushed the most!

Point 2 is simply; Job Centres and Careers Advisory services, we should expect the most, not the minimum. Reform, and revise your priorities. If your government does not fund your Bodies enough to make this happen, expect more from them to make this happen. After all it would be the minimum you would expect! We are all employable, each one of us! Hail TheEmployable!!

How you can help:
Comment below  to submit your Manifesto idea
Comment below if you think this point is not fair in your experience

Point 3. Expect more than the minimum! Each Business should have a Redundancy policy.

If the worst happens, and redundancy happens or is happening, expect that the duty of care your Employer gives, is as much as they can give! Not the minimum!
Businesses…if you have a ‘Green’ policy and carry this in such esteem, if you have a policy on spending thousands on outsourced recruitment and HR, if you are about to take all the high flyer’s Executives on a weekend trip, please, have common courtesy…have a Company Redundancy policy. Treat your staff, who are leaving with care, give them support and most of all, show them you value them more than they expect. After all, one day it might be you.

We are all employable, each one of us! Hail TheEmployable!!

How you can help:
Comment below to suggest companies that have done more than the minimum during the redundancy policy
Comment below to submit your Manifesto idea

Point number 4: Government, if you are going to increase tuition fees, if you expect students to be 50k in debt after University, then it is your responsibility to invest and encourage Graduate work placements, Graduate work programmes and most importantly encourage Graduates to become the thinkers, doers, creators and innovators of the future!
But Graduates also need to take responsibility. You have spent the last 3-4 years hopefully creating, thinking and innovating. Don’t lose this passion! How can you create your own job, your own future and your own business start up!

Government, you can’t say to students, “University is an investment in your future”, but then have no responsibility in investing in them after this point. But at the same time, Graduates, you should not expect that a degree should guarantee you a job….

How you can help:
Is this point fair? Comment below.
**Business** Comment if you have a Graduate role or scheme you wish to highlight
Comment below to submit your Manifesto idea

Hail the Employable! Please comment below and come up with any ideas that you feel should be part of our Manifesto.

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