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Job Centre Reality – Diary of a unemployed Blogaholic

Job Centre Reality – Diary of a unemployed Blogaholic

Part 3….

I don’t want to start on a negative as this Diary is supposed to be positive and uplifting…..however…So far I have scored my bi-weekly experience at the Job Centre as (puts on football scores voice)

No Customer Service Utd 52  We Care about you and your City

I am sorry to start on a negative, however I was slightly angered this morning when the following happened when I went to sign on…

“Hello, how are you” I asked as I sat down at the Job Centre signing on desk. The Job Centre person replied, whilst staring at me “Have you got your forms”. I nearly just gave him the forms, but to keep my sense of dignity, replied, “No sorry, I just asked you how you are. He did answer, “I’m fine”, followed by,“Have you got your forms”. I gave him my forms and he asked me about the weather….but not jobs…

Now don’t get me wrong, maybe this guy didn’t hear me, or maybe he was having a bad day. But, when the current Government and main UK political parties talk about reforming the welfare system, I think we need to start with reforming a few things internally first. My concern was not for me, I still had my Jedi “I’m in a positive place” mindset and by the time I was in the car, I didn’t really care. However, my concern is for the unemployed people who are 50/50……50% care and 50% not that bothered. If the Job Centre staff cannot even be fussed to display any signs of courtesy, respect or care, how do they expect the disillusioned, to have any sense of responsibility or respect for their circumstances…..Moan over, lets hope that I don’t get a red card for saying what I feel…

Well this week, we have, apart from look for jobs that don’t really exist, decided that TheEmployable is a practical solution to a current business problem that exists in the market place. TheEmployable have applied for funding to try to develop our ideas into a viable business. I cannot say too much really as yet, but rest assured its all about empowering people, empowering creative thinking and making sure that having a positive mindset, can create innovation and ‘real’ practical results and achievement. Perhaps a business born and created from being made redundant, can show the way…Finger crossed on the funding too.

….maybe I’ll end up meeting Jamie Oliver along the way……

Hail The Employable.

To find out more about TheEmployable & how to get involved in TheEmployable movement please check out http://theemployable.com/how-to-get-involved/

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2 Responses to “Job Centre Reality – Diary of a unemployed Blogaholic”

  1. Well said. I have to say my own experience is slightly better in that the girl I see every two weeks is a bit more amenable and acknowledges that I’m not one of the can’t be bothered and doesn’t bother questioning the stupid stuff.

    It is the people in the call centres that drive me mad for their disinterest in offering support – having made a complaint very recently about the same, the response I received essentially said “its the process, live with it” so the mentality is certainly not unique to those people sat at their desks!

    Posted by Neil Foames (@neilfoames) | September 30, 2011, 11:25 am


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