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Drawing the Political Line – Daybreak decides to go political..

Adrian Chiles and Kate Garraway’s interviewing yesterday of the Chancellor George Osbourne, on ITV’s Daybreak, reeked of political point scoring. Throwing in comments about “Tory Cabinet Ministers not knowing and understanding about real fear about putting food on the table’ and how much a pint of milk costs, appeared irrelevant. I don’t think most people care if George Osborne, can spell milk, or drinks milk, never mind work out how much it costs.
What most people complain of is gutter, school boy politics, and by reverting to “house of commons” type comments, about cars and milk, Daybreak lowered itself to a debate that seems to be more an issue of class, and the old school theme of working class Labour v Posh Private school Tory stereotyping, rather than the matter of improving the economy. I care more about what Politicians do and say, rather than where they went to school and how much money they have. George Osborne is no less or more fortunate than someone who is born without money, in that real wealth is not valued by money. Judging someone who has money, is as bad as judging someone without, and Daybreak, Chiles and Garraway should know better. If it was the other way around, and they were ‘joking’ about someone’s lack of wealth, there would surely be more of an outcry today.
Check out interview here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIeVTCooo9Q
What most people care about is reading between the economic lines of political spin. It’s always difficult to get the truth as ultimately everyone; politician, business owners, football manager, all have a job to do at selling themselves and their position. I remember every business call I made, to sell our recruitment services, trying to put a positive spin on the market, and trying to push a positive message that the economy was going to pick up and next year improve! Next year, then next year, then the year after….

Having said that, Osborne and Ed Balls of Labour have a lot to do to try and spin the economy at the moment! Pushing job creation, innovation, enterprise and supporting small business startups should be the key right now. That ideology is not left wing or right wing, it’s just common sense. The traditional industries of the UK, and the public sector will continue to stutter and struggle for the next few years.

The innovations of tomorrow need to happen today, and everyone, politician or not, should be encouraging this idealism and helping to empower the population to think about what they can do to help job creation. The 2.51 million unemployed, are mostly unemployed, not out of choice. Nor are the Politicians, both from the Tory and Labour traditions, from poor or rich backgrounds, out of choice. Nor did they decide to go into Politics specifically to deal with this tough economy, out of choice. It’s just the way it is. George Osborne, Ed Balls, or any politician, cannot be fully responsible for job creation and building up the economy; we all are, Daybreak included….


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