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Extreme Job Hunting!

Extreme Job Hunting! I should say so…

The ever increasing demand for jobs has led some people to go further than ever before in their quest for employment. Thinking up unconventional ways to secure that elusive job may be viewed by some as a risky option, but plenty will argue that desperate times call for desperate measures. Here are a few “Extreme Job Hunting” techniques that caught our eye over the last year.

The Zeefax CV

Rather than simply do his CV in the standard A4 printed format, Design graduate, Zef Narkiewics chose to stand out from the crowd by doing his CV in the form of a retro Teletext page. After spending 10 days creating it, Zef posted it on one design blog. thanks to the power of social networks and other bloggers, within the first 4 days alone, his CV had been viewed by over 20,000 people globally. Zef is apparently still being offered interviews by design agencies keen on securing the services of this rather enterprising and creative graduate. Check out Zef’s CV yourself on zef.so/employable/ .

The Billboard

After a frustrating and fruitless job search, Galway man, Féilim Mac An Iomaire , aka “Jobless Paddy”, decided to think more creatively. He spent his entire life savings on renting an advertising billboard, pleading for a job in order for him to be saved from emigration. And the advertisement, placed on one of Dublin’s busiest roads paid off – after numerous interviews and offers, Féilim secured a job as a Communications Executive with Paddy Power, Bookmakers.



The Flyposter

Daniel Bird from Hull was unemployed for over a year when he decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. He put up dozens of posters across the city, simply asking “Will someone give me a job?”  And someone did do just that – namely Mecca Bingo. Unfortunately for Daniel, as well as securing a job, he also got a fine from the local council for unauthorized fly posting. Extreme job hunting at its best we say!

The Sandwich Board

University of Bath graduate, James Elgeti took to the streets of the City of London in January wearing a sandwich board with the words, “I am: A 2011 Bath Business graduate. You have the ability to kick start my career. Talk to me.” More traditional job searching methods had not worked but luckily for James , this method has – he has apparently just secured a role in Corporate Banking with RBS.

Whilst these slightly off-the-wall job hunting methods are certainly not appropriate for everybody, we’re sure you’ll agree that for sheer endeavour and initiative alone, they deserve to succeed.

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5 Responses to “Extreme Job Hunting!”

  1. It doesn’t get more extreme than this. She landed an interview in less than 12 hours: http://www.dearlisarudgers.com

    Posted by guest | October 12, 2011, 4:40 am


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