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Diary of an unemployed blogaholic – Love Mondays?

I tweeted this morning, “Monday again, never been busier!” 

But how could this be? I no longer command a 9-5, I no longer have that feeling of dread on a Sunday evening, of the week ahead, I no longer need to rush out of the door at 08.08am, as 08.09am is too late…

So what’s keeping me busy and what’s kept me busy over the last 12 weeks or so? After a cup of tea and my porridge, I thought long and hard….I still have the washing to do, should I do this first? And that’s the thing. A job gives you a routine and you know where you are and what you are at. The jobs you have to do are the jobs you have always had to do. Jobs create routine, and routine creates a system, and that system improves, and you get better at your job, until you have perfected that job so much that you no longer feel busy! Now, three months in, I admit, I like routine, and I like making lists of things I have to do at work. Anyone who knows me outside of work, would think this is a lie, but in work, I love lists and order. 

That is true of the work that we have been doing for TheEmployable. I like getting up, doing my family routine, coming back to the house, making my coffee and starting work before 9am. After 9am I feel that I have started ‘working’ too late! Bizarre situation to be in really, as ultimately this is unpaid work, that I hope will become a job. But the more you think about it, the more you realise that anyone who commits to
self employment or a business startup, must create the conditions of a work environment, to create the mindset and environment that will mean that you succeed. You can’t ‘play’ at setting up a business, and the moment you think that this is a job ‘on the side’, is probably the moment when your business fails, before it has begun.

I always have the mindset of ‘what have I not done as yet’ rather than ‘what I have managed to achieve’. This attitude can be both a positive and a negative. Its good, as in I am always thinking I have more to do and therefore what needs to be done. However work and life is also about enjoying and celebrating achievement and if your mindset is always looking forward, not back, you can often never enjoy the very moment you are in. Keep that in mind, as I must do myself!

So what have I learned and done over the last few months? How about a list, seeing I like them so much…..I think I have just thought of an idea for a blog…

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3 Responses to “Diary of an unemployed blogaholic – Love Mondays?”

  1. I love your blog. So what business are you setting up? I hope it is something you are passionate about because this is what will drive you to succeed. If you want to find out how to turn your passion into a successful at home business, check out the Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp (London) 5th & 6th November.

    Posted by Samantha | October 10, 2011, 5:49 pm


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