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Startup of the Week – College Dinners

It is not an entirely unfair assumption to say that when at university, most students rely on takeaway pizzas, dried noodles and beans on toast. With the exception of the latter perhaps, it is hardly a shining example of a healthy balanced diet.
One Cork based entrepreneur, David O’ Leary, however felt that there was a gap in the market for a company who could provide healthy and nutritious food to students, whilst ensuring that it did not cause too big a dent in their already stretched budgets.
He has just set up Collegedinners , aiming to improve students’ diets by providing them with all the ingredients for their weekly dinners for just €10.
Students register with the scheme and then can pick up their food package at one of eight locations around the Cork university campus. Each vacuum packed food package contains enough meat and vegetables to get the student through to the weekend. It is a weekday only service as most of the university’s students travelling home at weekends.
The idea then is that they follow recipes on the College Dinners website which are updated every week to complement the ingredients provided for that week. The recipes are also featured on the company’s Facebook and Twitter sites.Not only is it understandably proving popular with students, but it is also a hit with their parents who can pre-order or pay in advance for the meals, thereby giving them peace of mind that their darling son or daughter is eating healthily that week.
The business also has a charitable element in that 10% of profits are being given back to students by a contribution to the Student Union Hardship Fund.Although this idea is currently only in Cork, it is certainly an idea which could be rolled out in any university city. And judging from some recent press comments, plenty of non students claim that they too would buy into such a scheme if it were on offer near them.
So, if you’re thinking of starting a business, why not give this one some “food for thought..” Sorry!!
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