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The new Faces of 2011…update on BuyMyFace.com

When Ross and Ed from BuyMyFace contacted TheEmployable to let us know that they are appearing on ‘BBC South Today’ to talk about there hair brain scheme, we thought it was a good opportunity to highlight how they are getting on…

Ross and Ed are two recent Cambridge ‘in debt and jobless’ graduates who are attempting to survive for a year solely on income generated by transforming themselves into walking advertisements. They are asking companies to purchase ‘real face-ad’ time on their two faces and each day for a whole year their faces will be painted with a host of different logos for everyone to see!

We featured http://www.BuyMyFace.com nearly two weeks ago, when they had just started out, and to support the scheme we bought some ‘face time’ and will have our logo featured on their faces tomorrow (Thursday 20TH October) for a whole day. Check out the original article we posted:  http://theemployable.com/2011/10/07/facing-up-to-the-future-two-graduates-get-clever-to-pay-off-student-debts/

Check out some of the following press articles that ‘buymyface’ have featured in:



Good luck to Ross and Ed when appearing on BBC South (Wednesday 19th October) and we will update this post asap as soon as the video link is available to add. Make sure you check out the guys website and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BuyMyFace and take a look thisThursday when they will be wearing our logo, so to speak!!!

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