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Startup of the Week – nuevoStage

Ever been at a gig and thought that the support act were much better than the headliners?
I know I have. Countless times. The thing is though that most gig venue owners won’t take the risk of giving a headline slot to a new or emerging act. So until they make a name for themselves, they are resigned to the support or opening slots.Boston based , Harvard Business School graduate Maxwell Wessel realised that this was a problem. He recognised that there are thousands of venues which lie empty on a few nights every week whilst at the same time, there are thousands of bands willing to play and also fans who are willing to pay.
He has developed nuevoStage as a solution to this problem. In essence, nuevoStage is the first online booking platform that guarantees performing artists stage space if they can prove they have the fan base.

How it works:
  • Venues post their available dates online.
  • Bands then apply to fill the vacancy.
  • Once a band has applied, fans then pledge to buy tickets to the gig.
  • Once a minimum number of pledges have been made to justify the concert and thereby cover costs, the venue reserves the space for the artist.

The platform enables artists to prove they have got the draw whilst it removes the risk for the venue of booking an emerging or relatively unknown act.

Whilst the music industry has been transformed in recent years with the likes of the Garageband  for recording and Tunecore for distribution , until nuevoStage though, there was no real innovation in live performance.  Although it is still in its’ early days, nuevoStage have already been awarded with $50,000 from Rethink-Music for their “innovative band booking solution”.
It’s surely only a matter of time before this idea grows beyond Boston.  After all, ask any musician, venue owner or gig goer – this is a problem which exists everywhere.
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