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Top 5 Scariest Jobs Ever….

Looking for a job in the current market can be a scary enough prospect but for some people, the jobs they are actually doing can be even more frightening.
So to enter into the “spirit” of Halloween, we have decided to share with you our Top 5 Scariest Jobs Ever……

Forensic Entomologist

Imagine going to work and your “colleagues” being dead bodies, maggots and beetles. Well that’s exactly what would happen if you were a Forensic Entomologist. For this macabre profession, analysing the various creepy crawlies that devour decomposing bodies is the order of the day. In crime related cases, analyzing the insects can help determine the time of death or even the place that a crime occurred. It may not be the nicest job, but as they say, someone’s got to do it.


It’s not only vampires who have a fascination with blood. These guys are professional blood collectors too. Anyone who has ever had to give blood at the hospital will no doubt remember with horror that scary feeling as that needle comes towards you. To a trained phlebotomist though, it’s all in a day’s work….


Perhaps a slightly more obvious choice on our list , but still scary nonetheless. After all, not too many of us would fancy choosing a cemetery as our ideal working environment, but of course someone has to. I met a gravedigger once and asked him, predictably : “ How can you work there – with all those dead bodies? “ His reply? “ Well, I’m actually more afraid of the live ones…” Point  taken!

Bomb Squad Technician

Trying to disarm a bomb before it detonates and hurts people, damages property or potentially both is certainly not a job for the faint-hearted. In fact, Probably what makes this job one of the scariest is the fact that even the tiniest mistake could prove to be fatal.

In fact, a recent Careerbuilder survey has just deemed this job to to be the scariest job in America. To see the others on the list – click here .

Broadcast Tower Technician

There may be no dead bodies or ghosts or ghouls involved but when your journey to “work” involves something as terrifying as a 1768 ft climb,  you can maybe understand why we have included it here. One warning though – if you are afraid of heights, look away now!

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