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Got a Startup Idea? – Here are some Spaces and Places that will help….

So you have an idea for a startup and you’ve sounded it out amongst your nearest and dearest. But what you would really like is to sound it out amongst other people who have already created a startup , or are maybe at the same stage as you, wondering where to go next with their idea.

Well, help is at hand! All across the world people just like you –  the dreamers, the idea generators, the doers and the creators regularly meet up to share their stories, experiences and inspire and support each other . And there are places too where you can get expert help to transform that idea into a startup reality.
We thought today we would highlight just a few of the “spaces and places” that you should check out if you want to move from being a dreamer to a doer.


Barcamp is is an international network of user-generated conferences or unconferences. Since the first one was held in California in 2005, they have now been held in over 350 cities worldwide. The premise behind them is that they are open , participatory workshop events where you can “explore ideas with like minded people”. Check the Barcamp site here to find out when your nearest Barcamp is happening or even better, initiate a Barcamp yourself.

Business Incubators

Business Incubators are specialist programmes and initiatives set up to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through a range of support resources and services.
They are often affiliated to local government bodies , economic development organisations or universities. Check with your local university or council about which programmes operate in your area.






For those of you still at university, NACUE is an excellent resource. It basically is a charity which supports and represents student led enterprise societies and young entrepreneurs, with the basic aim of driving the growth of entrepreneurship in Universities and Colleges.
Visit the Nacue site here to find out more and to find out more details about your own university society or how you can set about creating one.



The idea behind Meetups is that it is the world’s largest network of local groups.
It is possible for anyone to organise a local group about their interest or find one of the thousands of groups already meeting up every day. Each meetup has a fundamental basic goal  of either improving themselves or their local community.
To create or find a meetup near to you, click here .




Open Coffee

Open Coffee – the self proclaimed “Place for people who love startups to hang out and meet.” Open Coffee was started in order to encourage entrepreneurs, investors and developers to organise real world informal meetups. During these, the intention was that they could chat, network and grow. Again, Open Coffee meetups now take place in over 130 cities across the world. To find your nearest Open Coffee meetup, click here.


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