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Startup of the Week

Startup of the Week – Jottify

Just as Flickr and YouTube have helped transform the way we share photographs and video, this week’s Startup of The Week , Jottify aims to transfer the way we share our writing online.

Jottify is an online community which enables aspiring authors to :

– share and publish their work
– obtain the feedback of fellow writers
– have their work noticed by publishers
– publish their work in an e-reader format , through the Store function and receive 70% of every sale

Founder, Jack Lenox is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He founded Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs back in 2009 with the aim of helping students to launch their own businesses.
And despite being an undergraduate, also managed to start two other businesses! ( Bold Media and The Founder ).

Having recently won first prize in the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards, this is definitely a business that is going places. And we at TheEmployable are certainly in good company by highlighting this site  – with none other than a certain Stephen Fry recently tweeting about it :

Exactly the kind of promotion any new startup would love to get!

So, whether you are venturing into writing for the first time or whether you are a seasoned writer, there is a place in the Jottify Community for you.  Check out how you can join by clicking here.



3 Responses to “Startup of the Week – Jottify”

  1. Alright now that’sdefinitelly something I need to check out. Thank you

    Posted by Mathy 'Whathejobisthis' Lisika-Minsende | November 10, 2011, 1:41 pm
  2. Nice concept

    A great way to test the marketability of a new technologically innovative product would be to run a project on a Crowd Funding site.

    You can build a project at no up front costs (you only incur a fee IF you raise all the funds you’re seeking, you pay nothing if you fail) and raise funds for the completion or expansion, marketing, etc. of the project.

    After you post your project on FundaGeek, you then promote it to your contacts through social networks, directing them to your project, seeking their pledges for rewards you offer.

    In a situation like yours, one of the best rewards you can offer is the ‘pre-ordering’ of your new product for a Pledge amount that is a discounted price. There is no better validation of a potential products viability then to acquire a substantial number of pre-orders for the product or service.

    We’ll assist you in the promotion of your project to your social network and beyond. Come submit your project and raise your funds, no cost to you unless your successful in raising your needed funds. Check us out here http://go.fundageek.com/li you can click there on a 90 second Intro Video and read our FAQ that should answer all questions. If you have any that are unanswered by the FAQ I’ll be happy to answer them.

    Posted by Cary Harwin | November 10, 2011, 9:00 pm


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