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How one Graduate took a ‘sound idea’ from the bedroom to 6 million hits on YouTube…The Employable talks to Amman Ahmed..

Like many final year students, Amman Ahmed was positioning himself for a post graduation life of ‘corporate thinking’ and City living…..But something was not quite right. Even after Graduation, and after Amman had tried to leave his entrepreneurial thinking behind, he kept coming back to a dream he had, a code he had broken, that “music has the power to help people”…. 

So how does a Information System Engineering Graduate go from a work background in IT, to becoming a successful Young Entrepreneur, who sells Music to help you sleep, and who’s products have had over “6 million hits on YouTube”? TheEmployable contacted Amman Ahmed, Founder of Easy Sleep Music to find out….

Well that is a slight white lie.. Amman actually contacted us, having seen TheEmployable and the

articles we had been running on up and coming Entrepreneurs. (sorry editor) Perhaps that goes some way to explaining Amman’s success so far. You do hear a lot about ‘making your own luck’ and ‘just going with your gut reaction’, but that is certainly through of Amman. Amman comes across as someone, who doesn’t just wait for things to happen, and by contacting TheEmployable he proves that point. As Amman explained; “I was at a crossroads, in a good Graduate job, making a good graduate wage. I had tried to leave this entrepreneurial idea behind, but in the end, switched off my brain, and just went on Gut reaction” 

So what is Easy Sleep Music? “As a graduate I had a passion to be an entrepreneur and I didnt want work for anyone. I had random idea for music to help people go to sleep, and through further research, me and my producers modifed a historic sound technology”

Amman was actually suffering from sleep issues himself and this triggered off a pursuit to find a natural remedy. In doing so Amman stumbled across a technology from the 18th Century, called Binaural Beats.

“We then went ahead and got a prototype produced by a sound engineer Tito, who is based in Lima, Peru and has 15 years of experience in this field. After having outstanding improvements on our sleep, we had to produce more. The binaural beat music is coupled with natural sound effects and superb instruments that will change your brain waves to a relaxed state of mind. Each track in our library uses a different set of sound frequencies in order to fit the needs of various people. Now we are on a mission to make people aware of this natural, cheap and instant way to help solve sleep problems or enhance the sleeping experience”.

Initially Amman’s success was driven by money and Easy Sleep Music started making more money in one hour, than working 150 hours a month in his Graduate job. However Amman learnt that being driven by money “lead to complacency” and that you can “fall into the trap of thinking money, money, money” and that its now the “unique investment you get from trying to crack a code” that drives him on. “Obviously there is the natural want to be recognised and given credit” but Amman’s recognition to other potential entrepreneurs out there is “to try something ‘out there’ to fail” as sometimes it might just work. And a social heart the company also has, as Amman explains; “we are an ethical record label splitting our profits 50/50 with 3rd world artists that we sign”. 

Amman exciting plans in the pipeline, he now has an office in Manchester and aims to target untapped markets with his existing products and new ones he currently is working on. With his music now being played in hotel chains and with a 99% presence in all major online record stores, the future looks bright for whatever Amman does next.

TheEmployable thank Amman for getting in touch, and wishes him and his business all the best.

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