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Funniest Business Names Ever….

One of the first things people have to consider when starting a business is of course what the business is going to be called. Thinking up a name that is original, creative and catchy is not the easiest of tasks. And if there are a few of you in the business, coming up with a name that you all like and agree on can be no mean feat.

Of course for some market sectors and industries, the name has to be traditional and relatively conservative if your business is going to be taken seriously. For others however, the funnier and more outlandish the better.
We’ll let you make up your own mind about what these business owners were thinking when they named their businesses. In our opinion though, they rank amongst the Funniest Business Names Ever…..

If you’ve seen or heard any other names that you think should have been included on this list, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to let us know via the comments section below.


2 Responses to “Funniest Business Names Ever….”

  1. Sold a house through an estate agent in Kidderminster UK named Doolittle and Dalley. Took a little time to complete but they are still trading 42 years later.

    Some 20 years ago was present at a conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, sponsored by a heavily bosomed lady named Zvoboda Topolova. She remained upright for the whole of the proceedings.

    Posted by Tony Mills | December 12, 2011, 8:19 pm


  1. […] we touched on recently in our lighthearted post Funniest Business Names Ever, finding a name for your new startup business is far from being an easy task. And it gets even more […]

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