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Funniest Business Cards Ever? Or Perhaps The Most Creative!

When you are first setting up a business, one of the first promotional activities often undertaken is getting a business card printed. It is considered a given that if asked for your card, you will be able to produce one. And when you hand it over to that potential new client or customer you want them to look at it, keep it, and of course remember you.

People exchange business cards every single day. Most are pretty much identical looking, with only company logos or personal details being the differentiating factors.
And for many businesses, that’s the way they have to be. For others though, particularly in more creative market sectors, having a business card that makes you stand out from the rest is what counts.

We thought today we would highlight a few Business Cards that raised a smile with us and that we certainly would remember if we were the recipient.

Feel free to let us know via the comments section below of any cards that you’ve received that stand out for all the right reasons. Or even better, tell us all about your own business card…..


One Response to “Funniest Business Cards Ever? Or Perhaps The Most Creative!”

  1. lool those cards are awesome, my favourites are the lottery and google search, will consider being more innovative with my cards in the future!

    Posted by Dubem Menakaya | December 25, 2011, 9:48 pm

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