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Startup of The Week – Readmill

Figures released just this week indicate that over 1.3 million eReaders were bought over the Christmas period in the UK alone. And even the most traditionally minded amongst us can see the benefits and convenience that these devices can bring to any book lover.

The rise in popularity of the eReader though is not only good news for the retailers and manufacturers though, it is certainly welcome news to this week’s Startup of the Week, which has the added kudos of being the 1st TheEmployable Startup of The Week 2012.

Berlin based Readmill launched in private beta in August last year but is now open to everyone.
Although, book reading has generally always been considered quite a solitary activity, Readmill aims to change that by bringing together readers via their eReaders and introducing a “social network” like element to this most popular of pastimes.

The Readmill platform allows developers to add social elements to their eReaders and book apps, so users can highlight and share their reading data, their favourite passages in a book and book recommendations with the reading community and with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You can also find out what other people are reading and follow them for recommendations
Many authors are now also starting to use the social additions in order to share notes about the books they have written with their readers. The fundamental aim of Readmill is of course to help the user discover books, so it is certainly possible that a purchasing linkup with book publishers could be an addition in the future.
We hope you agree – this is one Startup to watch. Join the Readmill community today by clicking here.

Check out this short video to see how Readmill works.



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