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Startup of the Week

Startup of The Week – Lingibli

Most of us will have started 2012 full of ideas and New Year’s Resolutions.
And two weeks in to the New Year, we have probably either forgotten about them or maybe are well on our way to ensuring we fulfil them. If one of the things you wanted to do this year was to learn a new language or even improve on one that you last learnt at school, then this week’s Startup of The Week should be of interest to you.

Slovakian based startup Lingibli was set up to help people learn a new language in a fun, easy and interesting way. Their premise is that you can “ Start Learning a new language just by walking around your home or office. “

How Lingibli works:

– Print Language Pages which have 20 words and 35 useful phrases and then label items around your home or workplace. By scanning the QR codes on the labels, you can hear the correct pronunciation.
– Download an App for both the Android and Apple platforms.
– According to Lingibli, only 100 words make up 50% of all daily conversations. These 100 words are included in 100 phrases and sentences in the Mobile App, thereby letting the user see how to use the words properly in context . And all pronunciations can be heard with just one click.

Research has shown that we can learn better through multiple senses and that is exactly what Lingibli does – helping us learn both by reading and listening whilst we are also moving around at the same time. It currently supports the learning of 18 languages but more are planned for the future. Check out Lingibli for yourself by clicking here.

Whilst it may not necessarily make any of us fluent in another language, it certainly is one of the most innovative ways that we have seen to learn the basics and set us all on the right road.

Happy Learning!

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