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Startup of the Week

Startup of The Week – Veenue

The internet has been responsible for many things and one of the most significant has been the fact that it has made the world a smaller place. We can interact and communicate with each other instantly, no matter what the physical distance is between us.
Our Startup of The Week this week embodies one of most innovative ways that we have seen recently of doing just that.

Veenue is an online music collaboration platform which allows musicians from all over the world to connect and create music together by uploading videos of their performances.

It works by artists uploading videos of them singing, playing guitar, bass, drums or whatever .
Other artists then can search these videos and upload a video of their own to complement it.
By using the Veenue tools, these video clips are then merged together to create one collaborative work. Veenue also has a Facebook app which allows users to “rehearse” before uploading their video to the site.

The platform also hosts competitions, sponsored by leading global brands. Volkswagen Beetle are currently sponsoring a competition where the winning collaborators will win a recording session in a professional recording studio in Berlin as well as the opportunity to make a professional video. Interested ? There is still time to enter as the competition is running until March 31st. So, if you want to enter or if you are simply in the mood for a “virtual jam session” then click here to join Veenue.

Check out the 2 short videos below to see how it all works.


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