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Startup of the Week

Startup of The Week – Volpen

They say we all have a book in us and I guess the growing popularity of projects like Nanowrimo over the last few years is testament to that. For many of us though, our book writing exploits may start with the best intentions, but perhaps a few pages in, either apathy, writers’ block or “real life” gets in the way and we give up and all those creative ideas we had, never again see the light of day.
Our Startup of The Week this week though could certainly put paid to that.

Volpen is a new collaborative writing platform which will allow users to :

– start writing a book and let other writers in the Volpen community complete it or
– continue another writer’s unfinished book for them.

The Volpen community votes for each writing submission and the one with the most votes gets through and is included in the finished book. Once a book has been completed, it is then sold through all the main e-publishing sites.

Check out exactly how Volpen works by clicking here.

75% of the royalties for all book sales are then shared amongst each of the contributing writers. Each writer then gets paid depending on how much they have contributed in terms of words to the finished book.

The more this platform gets used of course, the better it will become! So if you have long held literary ambitions, then what’s stopping you? Sign up here and get writing…..

If you are looking to start your own business, think you have a creative idea or you are a self starting business champion then find out more about Startacus the online community celebrating the self starter – launching soon…


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