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Diary of an unemployed Blogaholic – ‘Help Me Help you’

As I write this post it is the start of Social Media Week, a Global event that spans over 20 cities and around 1000 events…

I will come back to this in a minute or so.

I have now been ‘employable’ for around 7 months, and in that time myself and my ‘employable’ Co Founder have written nearly 200 articles that have appeared on theemployable.com. It has been an interesting journey from Blogging novice to semi-experienced writer. This is a self proclaimed title and try taking it off me! 7 months ago, I used Facebook for friends and had looked at Twitter and LinkedIn once or twice. I was really, very much, a Social Media virgin, and looked at Social Media with little, to no interest. Now looking back, whether I liked it or not, I should have used it. I was a Business Manager, looking to network, and some of the most basic tools that were at my disposal, I ignored.

Why did I ignore them? Because I didn’t really understand them and often unless something is mandatory and you have to use it, old folk like me (33 years old) can’t really adapt to new tricks! However this is not true – it is true that I now use, and like, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, and these are the basics. At this stage, on the Social Media scale of one through to ten, I have just started to learn how to read and write.

It is often difficult to understand why some posts you write, and you think read brilliantly, get less audience than another posts, but certainly the collaborative power of the crowd to spread the article far and wide, is extremely important. The power of the crowd and the collaborative force of both political and social movements over the last 12 months, have seen the relevance of ‘Social Media’ move to new grounds and a focus of this years Social Media Week. A few years ago we celebrated the birth of 24 hour news, now we have 24 hour tweets, spreading the word and the news before the News channels even hear about it.

So, as I am a novice and many of you who read this blog, might be the ‘disciples’ of ignorance too, I thought as TheEmployable are following Social Media Week, we would start a little social media experiment to link in with it.

“Can TheEmployable get this ‘post’ to travel & how far and wide can this ‘post’ go? 

So first thing to do would be to follow TheEmployable on Twitter – Once you have followed us, RT this post! IF you already follow us – well done! – RT this post!

Also – can you follow TheEmployable on Facebook – and share this post….

Thirdly – can you comment below, where you are reading this post from (no not your bedroom, or kitchen or heaven forbid, Toilet) but where you live. ie UK, Ireland, US, India etc…

Why should you? TheEmployable has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months. We are however still officially ‘employable’ and hoping that our hard work and endeavour comes off. Your help in spreading the word of TheEmployable so that we can take things onto the next level is critical. This is a job, but it it is a job I am making, so that I have a job….. ‘Help me help you’ as ol Jerry Maguire once said….

Hail TheEmployable and spread the word and I will report back in the next few weeks on our progress.


5 Responses to “Diary of an unemployed Blogaholic – ‘Help Me Help you’”

  1. You are an inspiration to us all, Alistair! Keep up the great work. Btw, 33 is not old (you should try 53!).

    Posted by David Shindler (@David_Shindler) | February 14, 2012, 1:03 pm
  2. Well, I read the post and loved it – Yes, I am a newbie to bloggin – Still not sure which button to hit yet… By the way – From Colchester – UK… Livingroom..!

    Posted by Sandi | February 15, 2012, 12:52 pm
  3. Hi there! I’m living in Northern Ireland now, had change place at list 3 times, Canada, Italy, and here twice. I agree with you about all those social media networks, there is so much to do and to understand. I also love blog writing, I have two in Spanish and one in English, but have so much to improve. Good Luck with your work!!

    Posted by Frances | February 15, 2012, 6:08 pm

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