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Startup Of The Week – CoderDojo

Since starting the Startup of The Week feature, we have profiled many different types of organisations, all innovative and doing something unique in their own way.

This week’s Startup of The Week though is not just an organisation, it is more of a grassroots revolution and at TheEmployable we truly believe that it will be coming to a town or city near you very soon…

CoderDojo is a not for profit organisation that revolves around running free coding clubs and regular sessions for young people. There is a strong emphasis and focus on making development and learning to code a “fun” experience for the young people.

At a Dojo, a young person can:
– Be taught how to code
– Learn to develop apps, websites, games and more
– Hear guest speakers talk about their careers and what they do
– Learn to collaborate on projects
– Socialise with like-minded people

All Dojos are set up, run by and taught by volunteers.

Having started in Cork, Ireland last July, the CoderDojo movement has now spread to 10 other locations in Ireland as well as London and the US and Canada.

But rather than waiting for one to appear in your area, the CoderDojo founders want enthusiastic people who are passionate about teaching coding and developing the skills of young people to “Start a Dojo” of their own. More details of how you can do this can be found here.

We really hope that some of you may be able to get involved with starting, volunteering or mentoring at a CoderDojo soon.

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