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Careers to Avoid! The nearly extinct jobs list

Careers to Avoid! ‘The-nearly-extinct’ jobs list – a look at the professions that are nearly as dead as the dodo..

Apologies if your profession is on the list – perhaps you can think of an innovative way to make sure that you’re dying profession doesn’t breathe its last breath? Nothing is a certainty, but for sure these professions are on their last legs…..check out our list and make your own minds up if they are careers to avoid.

Milkman (aka milkmanamus) This species is a nightly creature, and often appears on your doorstep in the early morning hours. Kindly delivering milk, it is known to carry a large white coat and travel on an enlarged golfing buggy type car. In recent years not seen so often as the animal of the Supermarketipus has taken over.

The Office Administrator (aka Adminisciuris) This is a specialist type of administrator – the buzzy-bee that performed a specific task for the ‘queen bee’. In recent years the office administrator is being replaced in the ecosystem by the multi-task-er (aka multitaska) who has to do everything from reception, to typing, to credit control and telesales…

Video shop assistant. (dvdicious) It pains me to say, but the beast that is the internet is taken over. Eaten up by the online animal of onlinefilmsites it is surely only time before the video shop becomes extinct and with it the cool and often tattooed video shop assitant.

NHS Nurse. (careaboutusicus) In England, the pride and joy that is the Public Health Service is under threat. Could the NHS be under threat, and nearly as bad, the NHS Nurse?

Telemarketers (coldcallingtamias) Usually work in packs and target individuals just as their kids are about to sleep, the telemarketer is under threat by commonsensicus as big business realises that networking via social media and e-shots is more cost-effective and just as effective.

Supermarket Checkout Assistant (arealpersonitus) Often friendly characters and on occasion are known to offer a helping hand, the Checkout Assistant is being taken over in Europe by the automated scanning machines, who like the cold climate of the Supermarket.

Librarian (shhhhhh) Quiet creatures, but with acute hearing, they like to live in quiet areas and expect silence and concentration. In recent years have seen their numbers drop, due to ‘cut-backs’ and the Internet.

If you have a suggestion on other ‘nearly-extinct’ careers to avoid, why not comment below. Also if you know of any grass-route or innovative approaches that have been created to save these endangered jobs, please do share below so we can celebrate!

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2 Responses to “Careers to Avoid! The nearly extinct jobs list”

  1. Other dead positions:

    union Rep
    Mine worker?
    Auto salesman
    Retail sales.
    Union shop steward.
    Union employee
    (non rank & file dues member).
    Public employees.
    Commission salespersons.
    Pizza delievery?

    &maybe more.

    Posted by stephen russell | June 14, 2012, 4:41 am
  2. New rising positions:
    Lunar miner
    IT Security Tech
    IT Librarian
    CG FX artist
    Dbase Mgr
    Dbase Input Tech
    Cybersecurity agent.
    Adventure Tours Rep
    Niche Travel Rep
    Organic Farmer
    robotic Sys Tech
    3D Printing Tech
    3D Prod Tech
    Visual Historian
    Genemone Scientist
    Historic Re enactment Rep.
    Internet Sales
    EV Car Tech
    EFT Fin Sys Tech.
    Space Debris removal Pilot
    Asteroid Miner
    Deep Sea miner

    & more

    Posted by stephen russell | June 14, 2012, 4:45 am

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