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“Give us your Pitch” A project that addresses ‘youth worklessness’ and an innovative hairdressing project…

“Give us your Pitch” is back!

After a short break, we return to look at a couple more active crowdfunding projects. This week I wanted to highlight two projects that my fellow pioneers at Virgin Media Pioneers are currently pitching for, and I wish Rioch and Ben all the best with their projects and congratulate them on all the hard work they both respectively put in to try and make their businesses work.

First up is Rioch Edwards-Brown who is the Founder of “So you wanna be in TV”. Their core aim is to provide employability and soft skills training for 800 disadvantaged young people, leading to work experience and jobs in the TV industry over the next two years. They are looking for support to fund their showcase event at BAFTA on April 25th which will be the launch for their drive to sign up more TV companies to sponsor the programme. Over to Rioch to explain more…

“My name is Rioch Edwards-Brown. With 16 years in TV as a Media Campaigner, I started up So You Wanna Be In TV? after my son was shot and stabbed while in school. Rather than seek revenge I decided to reach out to the community.

So You Wanna Be In TV? is a London wide social enterprise for at risk, diverse and disadvantaged youth interested in a TV career. We address youth worklessness and the lack of diversity through partnership between the TV industry and the community.

Sponsorship is raised to provide free places for candidates to attend our sessions with TV professionals from the industry who give their time free of charge. We work with NEETS, ex-offenders, the disabled, graduates, white working class, ethnic minorities and the unemployed. You can help us by pledging to our event at BAFTA. We have some fab, delicious and fun rewards for you!

We need your help to raise £8,000 to stage our fund-raising event at BAFTA. BAFTA is where the National Film and TV awards are held each year – the British equivalent of the Oscars. The sponsorship raised will allow us to continue our employability and soft skills programmes for up to 800 diverse young people over the next two years.”

Many thanks for considering this request!

We wish the inspirational Rioch and the So you Wanna be in TV team all the best – check out their promo video below – and if you feel like supporting take a look at their crowdfunding page here…

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