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Startup Of The Week – Mindings

We all know the internet has made the world a much smaller place. We are better placed than ever before to connect with our friends and family no matter what corner of the world they inhabit. Social networking sites like Facebook have made sure that we all remain in touch and that all those people who have shared our lives in the past can continue to share our lives, albeit virtually.

But what about those old friends or family who aren’t active online, who aren’t tech savvy, who we aren’t in contact with as much as we should be, how can we start sharing our lives with them again? Our Startup Of The Week this week has created a new way of doing just that.

Mindings is a service which is embracing the best of social technology and using it to help people stay in contact with family members who aren’t totally au fait with the digital age.

It allows people to send via their mobile phone, personal captioned photos, calendar reminders, text messages, Facebook content and more besides to a digital photo frame.

Whilst this may seem to be not that revolutionary, just imagine how your elderly grandmother would feel if she could once again share a part of your life just by using Mindings. And this is where the real beauty of it all is – the simplicity. Your granny doesn’t have to become a technical whizzkid to connect with you digitally. Mindings does it all for her.

The video below encapsulates just how powerful a tool Mindings can be.

It may be still early days for Mindings, but by the sounds of things, there are even more innovative developments to come. Watch this space.

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