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Startup Of The Week – Guestaurant

When you think about it, eating and socialising both play a major part in most of our lives. And a lot of the time, we end up combining the two, whether that entails eating out in a fine dining restaurant or sharing a home-made curry in a friend’s living room. Add that to the revolutions that are taking place in the global food scene with pop up restaurants and quirky little eateries appearing all the time and you can clearly see why our startup of The Week this week is on to a winner.

Guestaurant is an innovative platform which showcases online and offline events where people can connect with others over food and drink – where Social meets Food! These events can be anything from a real life meeting in a physical place through to an online “Foodie Session” on google+ or Livestream.

The platform showcases all sorts of unique and interesting foodie havens – everything from supper clubs and secret restaurants through to home eateries and guerrilla dinners.

Guestaurant not only acts as a marketplace for both aspiring and established chefs and off the wall eateries, but also provides the perfect place for all food lovers to connect and get together with like minded people .
With plenty of stimulating content such as stories on Guestaurant events, both past and impending as well as industry related news and jobs listings, the site should certainly become a favourite for any die-hard foodie.
In essence, Guestaurant is connecting people who are passionate about cooking with sociable people who enjoy eating!

To find out more about Guestaurant events near you, check out their site here.

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  1. There is a popular trend between combining social media and food. Let’s admit it – who would say no to ‘Oreo Cookie Spread’!

    Posted by Spark N Launch | April 14, 2012, 2:40 pm

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