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Startup Of The Week – CircleMe

The rise in the popularity of Social Networks has certainly been one of the biggest digital phenomenons of recent times. And for the most part, they all have very similar aims – to help their members connect with friends, family, people they know, people they once knew , or people they would like to know!

But whilst many of us spend our time connecting and reconnecting with all these other individuals on our preferred chosen social network, how many of us actually devote the time and energy to re-connecting with ourselves?
Well, this week’s Startup Of The Week is all about ensuring we start to do just that.

CircleMe is a new social way for you to collect, in one place, all the things you really love and also discover new ones – whether that is music, movies, famous people or places that you are fond of.
You can import your favourite things from other services – your Facebook “Likes”, your Netflix activity, your Foursquare checkins and and then you can have all your interests together in a visual, customizable profile.
Once all your likes have been collected, you can then share, engage, cultivate and develop these interests through tracking conversations about them, creating to do lists or simply discovering new information.

CircleMe has also just become available as an iPhone app, which is where things get even more exciting, by adding a location based component.

Users can “plant” a favourite thing on a map – a song, a book, a venue perhaps, along with a message.
The idea is that other users explore what has been planted nearby them or get alerted to a “plant” from someone in their trusted network when they walk by .

You could, for example, be in a new city and get alerted to the fact that there is a really great little independent record store just around the corner or walk into a bookshop and get a little message about a book that someone in your network knows you would just love.

CircleMe has the potential to become one of the best resources for cultural inspiration and its’ “all about you” approach is certainly something that is sure to appeal to all of us, don’t you think?

Watch this short video to find out some more….

You can join CircleMe by clicking here .

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