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A startup call for action not just words…

Startacus, TheEmployable’s’ new platform for the self-starter may still be a while away from full launch, but the landing page, now live for over a month has been getting some really positive reviews from prospective Startacus members already, who love it just as much as we do! If you’re still a tad curious about what it’s all about, then here’s what you need to know:

Startacus will be aiming to not only bring the self starter community together, but will also be aiming to bridge the gap between the self starter and the resources needed to flourish.

Whilst other platforms aimed at self starters and startups do exist, they all seem to be coming from a similar angle and seem to represent the established and “stereotypical” entrepreneurial business man and woman. Startacus will aim to represent everyone who has a good idea, be they a recent Graduate, disillusioned worker, or an established self starter. Have an idea for a business and not quite sure where to go next? Startacus will be that place.

Join Startacus and you will be able to upload and share ideas, seek collaborators, partners and mentors to help transform those ideas into actual reality. You will get guidance, support and advice from within the community, as well as a signposted roadmap for all the information, resources and tools you will need to get your idea off the ground.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about how important the self-employed and SME community is to the growth of the economy and this is excellent to hear. However Startacus is a big believer in actions speaking louder than words, which is why we have created a platform that not only promotes real creativity and a self starter culture, gives people steps to get from an initial idea, through to actual and tangible end results, but also provides a place where people can make, do and create together.

Startacus is also keen to promote the mindset that job happiness and satisfaction is every bit as important as the money that can be made. Even programmes like The Apprentice and Dragons Den, whilst promoting entrepreneurship, promote the mindset of money and value, over creativity, innovation, invention and social enterprise. One could have an amazing idea or concept, but feel undervalued currently by the startup scene and how it is portrayed. For David Cameron to say that “there is a business in all of us” is really great, but we need an inclusive approach to encourage everyone to potentially get involved and also to feel that self employment is a viable option for them.

We believe that the Startacus platform is going to be a great online celebration of creativity, and also an inspirational place to help develop the self starters of the future, that may not have been otherwise encouraged to do so.

We hope this helps clarify a few things and also wanted to say we really appreciate all the feedback we have had so far. There has been an amazing amount of interest shown to date and this gives us a great deal of encouragement going forward. Please do check out the landing page for Startacus here and join up. Startacus wants you!!

And whilst we are building and growing Startacus, you can rest assured that we have great plans in the pipeline for TheEmployable too!!


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