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The Top Free Online Tools Every Startup Should Use – Part 2

Money is tight when you are starting a business.

We previously featured a post on some of the top free online tools that every startup and entrepreneur should use. (You can check it out here ) It was certainly not a definitive list, so here is Part 2, where we’ve put together some more of our favourite free online tools that you should be using, if you are,at the startup stage of starting a business…

TaDaList There can be no denying that when it comes to planning or organising your day, the good old to do list is essential. And rather than scrawling it down on a piece of paper and then promptly losing it, one of the most efficient services to use is TaDaList. It claims to be the “web’s easiest to do list tool.” and will allow you not only to create lists for yourself, but to also share them with others.

Hootsuite We all know the power that social media can have for creating, developing and strengthening your startup’s brand. But maintaining various different social media accounts can become a real hassle and a chore. One of the easiest way to manage this is to use a social media dashboard program such as Hootsuite. This will allow you to manage multiple social profiles as well as tracking your brand mentions. Premium services are also available which include more detailed analytical functions.



Evernote Through the course of a typical day, most of us will come across lots of things that we want to remember for future reference. Whether it’s an idea for a blog post, an image we see, or a website we like. However the reality is that we don’t always remember them all which is where Evernote comes in handy by helping you “remember everything”. It will allow you to clip a web page, grab a screenshot and type a text note and then automatically store, process and index them for you, making them both easily accessible as well as searchable. Again, a premium service is also available.



Slideshare If you are preparing a pitch for investors, clients or customers, then Slideshare is really invaluable. Billed as the world’s largest community for presentation sharing, you can not only use it as a resource for presentation ideas, but also use it to host and share your own presentations.


Cacoo When planning your website, Cacoo is one of the best online resources you can use to help you create diagrams, whether it be a site map, a wireframe or a network chart. The basic service is free whilst there is also a premium offering which offers additional functionality as well as a team service option.

We’d love your feedback  on these and also suggestions for other free online tools that can and should be used. Feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

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