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Startup Of the Week – Letterboxd

The days may be numbered for the old DVD rental store with the rise in popularity of video on demand platforms, but one thing remains certain, watching a movie remains one of the most popular ways that many of us spend our free time. So whether you are a cinephile, movie fanatic, film buff or simply a fan  – if movies are your “thing”, then this week’s Startup Of The Week is for you.

Letterboxd is a new social network which is all about film.

With Letterboxd, you can :

– create a film diary, detailing all the films you have watched which you can tag, review and rate

– create and share lists of films – movies you have watched, movies you still want to see, your favourite              genre of films, the choice is yours

– link up with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to see what films they are watching and share your    views and opinions


In terms of its’ library of film data, it is pretty extensive, having all been sourced from TMDb, the crowd-sourced database of film related information, which is being added to all the time.

Whether you choose to use Letterboxd  to detail and record all your own personal movie viewing history, or as a source of inspiration for what to watch next or simply a place to share your views and opinions on films, we think that when you use it, you’ll definitely love it.
Although it is currently still in beta, you can click here to request an invite.

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