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Startup Of The Week – Huntsy

As we all know, looking for a job can be an extremely time consuming and at times frustrating exercise. Whether it’s the actual search itself and the hours spent trawling jobs boards and company websites, the practical elements like creating a CV and then applying, or the monitoring and tracking of what you have applied for, it takes time and also requires real focus and organisation skills to do it well. Our Startup Of The Week this week though is all set to help with that organisation and in turn make the entire job hunting process that bit easier.

Huntsy is an online dashboard for your job search.

Basically, you can create an account via Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin or email and then install the Chrome extension or Huntsy bookmarklet in your browser. As you go through job boards and listings, you can save any jobs that interest you by clicking the bookmarklet or by adding a job manually to the dashboard. A Huntsy widget then extracts the most relevant information from the job listing – the company details, the job title etc.

The dashboard then allows you to keep track of your job search history, where you have applied, interview schedules, what you need to follow up on etc, and provides you with timed reminder options and to do lists so your job hunting is fully organised.

Huntsy also allows you to upload your CV and any template cover letters or emails so that in essence all your job searching information is stored in the one place.

By using your social connections from Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter , Huntsy also helps you identify who you know who has worked or is currently working at companies you have applied to, thereby potentially helping you to get some useful inside information.

The job hunting process is a difficult enough one at the best of times, therefore innovative tools like this ought to certainly be welcomed and avidly used by any serious job seeker.
Find out more for yourself by checking out Huntsy here.

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  1. Thanks, guys. We’re honored!

    Posted by Michael from Huntsy | May 10, 2012, 2:39 pm


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