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Startup Of The Week – eWorky

This weeks business startup…

If you have ever worked from home, you will no doubt appreciate just how difficult it can be at times. The initial concept may appeal, but then the reality of not having a real workspace and all the home distractions set in and you start yearning to work somewhere else. This is part of the reason for the increase in popularity of co-working spaces and why coffee shops up and down the country are filled with independent workers and freelancers.
But finding a co-working space or a work-friendly café itself is not always an easy task, unless of course you use this week’s business Startup Of The Week.

eWorky is a collaborative marketplace for workspaces, serving both independent workers and workspace owners.


If you are a freelancer, you can use the site to :

– search by location for a workspace, whether that is a desk, a meeting room or a café with wi-fi
– book and pay for your room or co-working space
– use the eWorky community to network and share your knowledge, reviews and experiences of workspaces with other independent workers

If you are a workspace owner or manager, you can use the site to :

– list your workspace and its’ facilities
– outline subscription rates and fees and promotions
– manage bookings through the “Office Manager” function


At the moment there are over 3000 potential workspaces listed, with more being added all the time and the bigger the community becomes, the more useful and valuable eWorky will become. In essence, this platform really does have the potential to become a definitive resource for any freelancer or workplace owner.
We at TheEmployable are big fans of co-working spaces and we love it!

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