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Hireland, the Irish jobs initiative wins Arthur Guinness award..

Hireland, the Irish jobs initiative wins Arthur Guinness award….

Back in February, TheEmployable highlighted an Irish initiative, Hireland, that was making big waves into targeting job creation, and helping to kickstart the Irish job market, that has been pretty dormant for the last few years.

Since its launch just four months ago, the Hireland initiative has received over 4,000 pledges from employers throughout the country and pledges are quickly translating into actual jobs with each passing day. Of the 4,000 pledges made on Hireland.ie an estimated 2,000 people have found work through the Hireland system.

So it comes as no surprise that the initiative (one of a few really excellent schemes that are coming out of Ireland) has been awarded with funding through the Arthur Guinness Fund. The fund, set up in 2009 by Guinness & Co, is to enable and empower individuals with skills and opportunities to deliver a measured benefit to their communities. Hats off to Hireland who are one of 10 social enterprises that have been awarded with €750,000 for 2012!

Lucy Masterson of Hireland, took the time out of her busy schedule and told TheEmployable ” it is our aim to kickstart Ireland’s recovery one job at a time by tapping into collective entrepreneurialism, can do attitude and the deep rooted desire that people have to be part of a solution. “Winning an Arthur Guinness Fund award is a recognition that people power movements are really the new play in town and  their support will accelerate our efforts”

A study conducted by Amárach Research last week found that employers that have pledged jobs via Hireland.ie have on average pledged three jobs with two out of every three jobs pledged having already been filled and one in five will be filled later this year. Of these one third are off the Live Register.

Analysing the impact of the Hireland initiative on the Irish economy, The UCD Research Innovation Academy found that hiring one individual from the live register could result in increased public revenue of €379.63 per individual per week. At a rate of 32% of individuals hired off the live register, if Hireland were to reach its target of 5,000 jobs, this could result in annual savings of over €30,000,000 for the Irish economy.

The Hireland initiative has also attracted international media attention and it is set to feature in an upcoming BBC documentary addressing the global effects of unemployment. Hireland is being hailed as an example of how people powered movements can have a massive impact on economic stimulation.

We at the TheEmployable love Hireland and really appreciate the work that Lucy and the team are doing to combat unemployment in Ireland. A big “well done” to Lucy and all the team so please get behind the scheme and support thier efforts whereever possible. Check out Hireland   for more detail. If you are not based in Ireland or don’t have any jobs to pledge – you can still get involved by downloading the Support Hireland badge for your website home page – we have!

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