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Startup of the Week – Drippler

Over the last few years, one of the biggest consumer trends has undoubtedly been the rise in gadget ownership. From smartphones to tablets to gaming devices, we all love our gadgets these days. And of course, it’s not enough to simply own a gadget any more – we have to have the latest firmware, the coolest apps and we need to know exactly when the next upgrade or release is due.
Of course, you can buy gadget magazines, read tech blogs and news sites, but keeping on top of updates, news and even rumours in technology is still a pretty difficult task. until now that is. Our Startup of the Week this week is the definitive information source for any gadget user.

Drippler scans gadget related websites across the web for the latest news and updates on mobiles, tablets, games consoles, eReaders and MP3 Players. It then uses data processing technology to match the content it finds to the relevant gadgets.
– The most important and relevant updates or Drips are then collated for users who have those particular gadgets.
Drippler users then can access a personalized dashboard ( My Drips) with all the information, updates and news about their chosen gadgets as well as receiving a weekly personalised email.

Drippler is a brilliant resource for anyone who loves their tech or who simply wants to make the most out of the gadgets they own. With our current obsession for gadgets and tech showing no signs of abating any time soon, Drippler is providing an innovative and truly useful service to an ever growing customer base.

If you want to keep up to date with your own gadgets, you can sign up for a free Drippler account here or if you are an Android user, get the free Android apps.

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