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Startup of the Week – myMzone

This weeks business startup…

Since the Middle Ages, London has had a long tradition of having vibrant and colourful street markets. To this day, they remain a massive draw for both locals and tourists alike. However as much as the range of goods on display may be tempting, actually buying them is a much easier option for a local customer than a visiting tourist. The days of budget airlines and their limited baggage allowances have put paid to most visitors being able to do the shopping they would really like to do when visiting the famous London markets.

However, thanks to this week’s business Startup of the Week, that is all going to change.


myMzone is an online community based project which gathers unique products from London’s traditional markets and allows people from all over the world to buy them.

The platform currently features products from leading London markets including Camden, Portobello and Spitalfields. The site features an excellent array of products – everything from clothing, accessories, designer goods to homewares.
Basically, a user can use the site to browse the markets, select and pay for their goods and the myMzone team then collect and despatch the items directly.
As well as providing a brilliant service to buyers, myMzone  is also providing another excellent e-commerce function for market traders. And with retail in general going through a pretty challenging time at the moment, then it will surely be welcomed with open arms by the independent trading community.

Although, new and innovative online marketplaces do seem to be popping up all the time, the niche which myMzone has captured will surely ensure it has the potential to become a major player.

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