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10 Reasons why you should work for yourself…

6. You can love what you do

I am loving what I am doing! Love it! However the moment I was to stop loving it, at least I could now take steps to think about how else I can keep my self-employed lifestyle going. When you work for a big company, love or loathe your job and its duties, you have to do it anyway!

7. You can have your own job title

Not that this really matters, but when you work for yourself you can call yourself what you like! Also, when you are out socialising and someone, who you don’t really know, asks you what you do for a job, its can be quite cool to tell them you are an entrepreneur or author, or whatever you want to be called!

8. You can balance your family responsibilities

No more rigid working hours. If you have family responsibilities, there is no reason why you cannot be more flexible in where and when you work. This is the one reason I need to practice, before I preach however. After nearly 10 years of commercial ‘man’ working, I still find myself under pressure if I start work late or finish early. But that is the point; working as an employee, makes you feel guilty for wanting freedom. Freedom is not a buzz word that is overly encouraged within the World of full-time employment.

9. You have to learn new things

No more Marketing department. No more Finance Department. No more Personnel team! You have to carry the can yourself, and this means learning new things constantly. This is a great thing however, as learning helps with creativity, and ‘thinking’. What more could you want! And, how often did your marketing department produce cringeworthy marketing material anyway?!

10. Isn’t 9 other reasons enough!!! Working for yourself means you do not need to keep going, just because you said you would! Hopefully that is 10 good reasons why you should work for yourself…

If you have a good idea and don’t know what to do next, feel free to sign up to startacus.net – the platform for the self start society, that is coming soon…

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3 Responses to “10 Reasons why you should work for yourself…”

  1. Absolutly agree, for me it’s makes you brave is key to driving yourself harder than as an employee .

    Posted by Ian lilley | June 21, 2012, 2:01 pm


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