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Scariest Job Duties ever?

Scariest Job Duties ever? While hordes of unemployed people still seem to be fighting to find employment and many others seem to be stuck in dead-end jobs, one job advert of note this week, was the Temporary Zombie jobs currently on offer via wish.co.uk this week for their Zombie Manor House Experience in Warrington, near Manchester.

The only criteria seems to be that applicants will need to offer blood sweat and tears to get into character (not literally).  The only downside, seems to be the nearing death, x-factor-esque auditions that applicants will have to undertake on the 28th June at the Pineapple Dance Studios. (cringe!)

So if you like dressing up, ‘feeling alive’, getting paid, and potentially working your fingers to the bone, it might be worth checking out this link to find out more about what having the scariest job duties entails..

Last year we featured multimedia Company Uproar Comics, who since releasing their Comic Book ‘Zombies Hi’, have been working tirelessly to promote all things Zombie everywhere. Seems like the appeal of the Zombies will never die!

Check out The Zombie Manor House deadly promo video below, for a bit of a laugh. Scariest job duties? We think you will agree!!



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