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The Worst Office spaces in the World?

The Worst Office spaces in the World? We previously took a light-hearted look at the coolest / try-hard offices, now we return to look at perhaps the ‘worst office spaces in the World’.

For those of you that know me, one might say, “you’re one to talk” as my office desk was hardly the prettiest space you may have ever seen. An array of paper and old coffee stains were only cleared by a bi-annual cleaning marathon. However I count myself lucky compared to some, who are forced to work in either sterile, bland spaces, messy holes or even worse the prison like environment that can symbolise the call centre environment. Employers – please make sure that you not only take care of your pristine and well-groomed desks and environments, with your water machines and exotic plants – make sure that we all have the fortune to be able to see colour, space and perhaps a little bit of light!

With this in mind, check out the following pictures, you may disagree, but to me, they perhaps are the Worst office spaces I have seen…





One Response to “The Worst Office spaces in the World?”

  1. I think the office with the aquarium wall diving the desks is cool… It is of course not so private when you can see someone in front of you, but since all you do is on your computer screen, it doesn’t really matter that much what’s in front… I think.

    The office in the closet looks cute and private. I wouldn’t mind it.

    The call centre offices look like complete nightmares and must be extremely noisy.

    However, the chickens’ workplace is arguable the worst of all! Poor creatures… makes me ashamed of being human.

    Ps. Where has the ‘Like’ button gone?

    Posted by Mados | June 23, 2012, 10:47 am

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