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Startup of the Week – Pubslush

This weeks business startup…

As the saying goes, there is “wisdom in the crowd”. A true statement indeed and one which has no doubt helped to contribute to the rise in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms which we have all seen over the last few years. What such platforms all have in common of course is the fact that they draw on the collective knowledge and opinions of their communities to make unified decisions and choices. And when they not only do this, but they do it for real “social good”, then they are definitely worth checking out – which is exactly why we have selected this week’s business Startup of the Week.

Pubslush is a new type of publishing house – a crowdfunded book publishing platform where the community decides what books get published. Then, for every published book which gets sold, Pubslush donates a book to a child in need.



– Authors submit 10 pages and a summary of their book
– Readers can then read a brief overview of the book, if they like it, then they read a more detailed description, if they still like it then they read an excerpt
– If readers still want more, then they pledge to support it – almost like pre-ordering.


Check out this short video for some more details on how it all works.


Pubslush is helping to support new authors everywhere and enabling new creative talent to be discovered. However in addition to that, the fact that it is helping to empower and potentially change the lives of children forever through its’ work with global literacy initiatives means that it really ought to be supported wholeheartedly.

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