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Best Jobs Ever – we review the jobs everyone would want…

Best Jobs Ever? You decide! The reality is that there are obviously plenty of other best jobs and perhaps your best job, would be my living nightmare. Comment below if you have any other best jobs to add to the list…

Ball boy or girl

I think it is a little unfair that your chances of being a ball boy or girl at football matches stops at the age of about 14. My perfect job, would be to be able to watch every single Liverpool football match, whilst occasionally fetching the ball. Sounds great, but I am not too sure how much they would pay. Perhaps in hindsight, I could pay them!

Lego Professional

Yes believe it or not, there are qualified and certified Lego Professionals out there making a good living and also having fun too! As the Lego guys on their website explain “LEGO Certified Professionals is a community-based program made up of adult LEGO hobbyists who have turned their passion for building and creating with LEGO bricks into a full-time or part-time profession.”

Computer game tester

I am rubbish at playing computer games and consoles. However if you are an avid game player and would love making your passion into a career there are jobs out there for Computer Game Testers. On indeed.com today, there are currently 40 related jobs to ‘Computer Game Tester’ in the UK alone being advertised!

Professional Wine taster

Also known as a Sommelier if they work in fine dining restaurants. The point of a Sommelier is simple. They are professional wine experts who have expert palates and work either for breweries or for fine dining restaurants. Able to test the quality of…..wine surprisingly!


I think everyone would love to be good at Maths, but the simple equation is that only a few of us really are. Being good at maths when you were at school was perhaps not so cool, but in hindsight, Maths is a pretty cool talent to have at your career disposal.

Caretaker of a tropical Island

Back in 2009 Australian Tourist Board officials, decided to advertise for somebody to look after a desert island, 150 odd thousand applications later, some lucky guy from England, Ben Southall, won the prize and a £70k salary too.

Any other best jobs that you can think of please comment below. If you think your job is a ‘best job’ and does not get the credit it deserves, please also let us know!

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