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Startup of the Week – mmMule

Business Startup of the Week…

We’ve all probably had one of those conversations. A friend or family member is off on their travels and they ask us if we would like them to bring us anything back. Whether it’s perfume from France or chocolate from Switzerland, we love getting our favourite things, don’t we? But to ask a complete stranger to bring us something back? Well, that’s not been the norm has it? Well, that could be all about to change thanks to this week’s business Startup of the Week.


mmMule is a social travel network which connects locals who want stuff with travellers who can deliver it. It works in a fairly straightforward way:

“Locals” can post what they would like to receive, together with the price they are willing to pay for it and the reward they will give the “traveller” upon receipt. Rewards can be anything from offering them travel tips, to treating them to a meal out at a local restaurant. Of course apart from enabling the actual exchange of goods, the platform is also helping create new friendships with otherwise unconnected people.

At the moment all sorts of things are being requested via the mmMule platform – everything from a local in San Francisco looking for a jar of vegemite from Australia and who will reward in return with a round of drinks in the best San Fran neighbourhood ; through to someone in Berlin looking for the return of a bike helmet that they left in Sydney, offering a dinner in return!

As you would imagine, there are quite strict guidelines on what can be delivered and of course what can be offered in exchange! The site also provides detailed safety tips for both parties meeting and it also allows users to add references on other members.

The platform also has a non profit subsidiary, AngelMule which allows travellers to bring much needed supplies to organisations and people in need. Again there are rewards offered in exchange which can be anything from a tour round the local sights through to something as simple as a great big hug!

Although platforms based on this barter-like model are certainly becoming more popular, mmMule certainly deserves support for both its’ unique niche as well as its’ fantastic socially responsible arm, AngelMule.
Now, I’m off to have a browse and see who could bring me back my favourite French coffee…

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