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Even more Funny Job Titles….

One of the most popular articles we have featured here at TheEmployable has to be our Top 10 Funniest Job Titles. Of course since we originally posted that, we have done some more research and have come across quite a few more to add to the list. So without further ado, may we present to you Even More Funny Job Titles….



Tonsorial Artist
This occupation once had a presence in every high street, but tended to be known by a slightly different name. Yes, the good old provider of barbering services – the barber! Who knows, perhaps with all things vintage and retro having their day again, this job title will become more commonplace again too.

Banana Ripener
Well there should be no confusion with this. The duties of the job? Yes, you’ve guessed it – being responsible for the ripening of bananas. Of course there are other duties too, mainly relating to storage, warehousing and the like. So, when you’re next in the supermarket and you’re just about to choose some bananas, spare a thought for the banana ripener who made sure they’re all nice and ready for you to eat.

Slubber Doffer
Whilst this job title may sound more like a character in a children’s book, it’s actually not. The Slubber Doffer is the person in a textile factory whose responsibility it is to remove bobbins from their spindles. Again, perhaps not as commonplace as it once was, but still sounds great doesn’t it?

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