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Startup Of The Week – Timehop

Business Startup of the Week…

If you have ever had a bit of a clearout and found an old diary or notebook, you’ll no doubt have spent a bit of time looking through your entries and reminiscing, laughing, cringing or perhaps even simply having a think about events now past which were at the time the most important things in your life. But can you imagine being able to do that every single day?
Well…thanks to this week’s business Startup of the Week, you now can!

Timehop is your life story… as told by you.
Since these days we are more likely to document our lives on the pages of Twitter, Facebook et al than on the pages of a diary, that is exactly what Timehop looks at.
Timehop reviews all your old social media activities, which could range from your tweets, your Facebook status updates, your Foursquare checkins, Instagram photos or even your text messages. It then sends you a daily email that brings back to you exactly what you were doing on that same day a year ago.
No matter how good you may feel that your memory is, the likelihood is that it would be well nigh impossible for you to remember everything that you do or say on Social Media or text, one year on, which surely makes the whole concept of Timehop all the more appealing.

Whether you are a nostalgia fan or not, there can be no denying that most of us would be more than a little curious to find out what we were doing a year ago today. If your curiosity is getting the better of you, then why not sign up to Timehop and let all those memories start coming back….

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