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Startup of the Week – MentorMob


These days when most of us are interested in learning a new skill, the first place we go to is generally the internet. Whether it’s to track down what courses are available or to access online guides or tutorials, it tends to be our first port of call. Getting the information that you need though isn’t always that easy, no matter how good you are at searching for things. Until now that is…
This week’s Startup of the Week is all about making learning easier by curating crowd sourced content in a much more accessible and organized way.

MentorMob basically allows users to browse content in both academic and recreational topics – everything from learning how to play the guitar through to learning how to network effectively.
Instructional text, videos and images are all organized into simple and intuitive Learning Playlists on each of the various topics.The Learning Playlists themselves are created and edited entirely by the MentorMob community. Each Playlist is then rated so that the most highly rated and in essence the best ways to learn are at the top of the charts and easily identifiable.

At TheEmployable we love all people and places that embrace the whole concept of skill and knowledge sharing, so you can see why this is one Startup that we feel a real synergy with. If you want to start learning and sharing your own skills, why not join the MentorMob community today….

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  1. Thanks for giving MentorMob a look! We’re excited to be featured as TheEmployable’s Startup of the Week.

    Posted by Charles Perry (@CharlesUpTop) | July 30, 2012, 3:28 pm


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