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Self Employed? Startacus Launches the Self Start Society!

Self Employed? Startacus Launches the Self Start Society!

Just 12 months ago Alastair Cameron, Recruitment Business Manager was facing redundancy. Rather than get despondent and downbeat about the challenging employment market, he instead decided to try and create his own job, future and become self employed. After successfully applying for funding from Arts Council NI, he set about creating a new platform, Startacus, to bring fellow self starting individuals together. Startacus, sister site to TheEmployable, has just been launched!

The Startacus platform aims to inspire, support and motivate people across the UK and Ireland to fully realise their self start potential. Startacus will be bringing together a community of self starters who can help and support each other and it will be a place where this community will find the tools and resources that they need to properly flourish. In the autumn, Startacus will be developing further when it will allow its’ members to add projects and collaborate together on turning those projects into actual reality.

Explaining the thinking behind Startacus, Alastair Cameron, explained:

“ When faced with redundancy and wanting to create my own job, I felt that there was a massive gulf between having that initial eureka moment and taking the next step to becoming self employed. I recognized that I wasn’t alone in not knowing where to go next. I wanted to create something that would help other people in my position become self employed and take that brave step.

I felt too that existing platforms aimed at self starters all tend to focus on those who have purely financial motivations for doing their own thing. Whilst of course this is not a bad thing, there are many people who want to simply follow their passions and who are instead motivated by being creative, using their talents and following their dreams. I wanted to create a platform that was all inclusive – where the independent creative and the more business focused self starter could come together, to connect, create and collaborate.

There is a train of thought that society is broken, that the economy will continue to shrink and that good jobs will become harder to find and even harder to keep. But Startacus does not accept this philosophy or this mindset and believes with the launch of their self starter platform they are helping potential self starters everywhere get that little bit closer to doing their own thing and become self employed…

Startacus is now live – check out the site in all its glory by clicking on this very link!




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