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Startup of the Week – Tribesports

Whilst not all of us may reach the Olympian standards of the athletes currently gracing our TV screens, most of us still have the potential to do something relatively more sporty and active with our lives. If you feel it’s about time that you did just that but perhaps have lacked the motivation, then this week’s Startup of the Week is just for you.

Tribesports is an online platform which will “make you do more sports.” Simple eh? Basically users can join “tribes” based on either their location, sporting interest, level of ability, playing position or even attitude. This social network element means that users can get insights, tips and advice from other people just like them. Users can set their own goals and challenges or take up another user’s challenge. Challenges featured include everything from doing 100 crunches a day for 2 weeks through to going running in the rain!

There are also leaderboards, scoreboards and medals awarded to users helping to add another little bit of healthy competition.
Having an integrated forum also helps to add to the community element of the site and the fact that there is a Products section which enables users to purchase all types of sporting equipment and goods, means that it really is a definitive online resource for sports people.

Check out their short intro video for a little more info.


Even if you never want to reach the dizzying heights of Usain Bolt et al, Tribesports is still something that you ought to be checking out.

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