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Startup of the Week – Spacehive

Whether it’s due to the Olympics, or the slight hint of summer that we’ve finally started to have, there certainly seems to be a real feel-good and positive air around at the moment. Yes, we know that problems and issues still exist but at the same time, there are people and places out there doing great work that we really ought to be celebrating more. Our latest Startup of the Week is one such place.

Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform with a difference – the difference being      that it is entirely focused on projects that improve local neighbourhoods and communities. It works in a fairly straightforward way:

– If you have an idea for a project, you create a project page. You then use the dashboard feature to attract supporters and develop your project. Once the project is fully developed, it is then submitted for verification and once verified, fundraising can begin! Like all crowdfunding platforms, once the target is reached, your project gets its’ money.

– If though you’re more of a supporter than a doer, you can use the site to seek out projects that you would like to see built and pledge money towards their target. Again, it is only once the funding target is reached, that you must pay any money.

The site has great potential not only because of the potential projects it is helping bring to fruition, but also because it appeals to everyone – local people, design professionals, public bodies and businesses alike can gain and benefit from using Spacehive.

So, if you want to improve your community, or help someone else improve theirs, what are you waiting for….

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