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Startup of the Week – MoviePilot

If you’re the type of person who just loves movies, who can’t wait for the latest releases, who trawls the internet in the hope of getting a sneaky peek at an upcoming blockbuster, then this week’s Startup of the Week is for you.

MoviePilot is a new online hub for hardcore movie fans. It’s not just a regular fan site though as it acts  as a portal for the film studios themselves to engage with the fans, well before a movie actually hits the big screen.

Join and you will have access to all the news, rumours and trailers about upcoming movies as well as personalized recommendations based on your own preferences. MoviePilot curates all the gossip, all the news, all the social media mentions and puts them in one central hub. It is a movie buff’s dream since it lets them follow the entire journey of a movie – from when it’s simply a rumour right through to when it gets released to the public.

Movie fans aren’t the only ones who benefit though. For studios, having direct access to fans enables them to get relevant and useful feedback way before a movie gets released that they can use to help in their marketing and promotional campaigns. Just like in any business, engaging directly with customers is critical – and for studios it’s no different.

Whether you’re a real movie fanatic or simply just want to keep up with all the latest news and developments in the movie industry, this site is a must. So then…what are you waiting for?….

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