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Startup of the Week – Placeknow

Startup of the Week – Placeknow

For many of us when we book a holiday or trip, looking through guidebooks and travel guides be they online or whatever is a must. However a lot of the time, the photos they contain are professionally shot, and showing a place in ‘ideal condition’ , shall we say. If however you’d prefer to look at ‘real’ photographs taken by real ‘travellers’ just like you, then this week’s Startup of the Week is for you.

Placeknow is a new online platform which allows anyone anywhere in the world to upload photographs of the places they live or the places they’ve been.
In essence the site is aiming to be a global map of photographs.
Photos can be submitted covering a range of categories – from attractions and landscape images through to nightlife and citizen images.
The site is also encouraging local press, businesses and councils to share photographs of their interesting places and events – thereby opening them up to a wider global audience.
One quite unique feature is that every user can create their own world map, showing all the photos they have submitted and where they are mapped across the globe. Users can then share this map and let other people see ‘their world.”
Placeknow’s most social element comes from its’ community who actively comment on photos and engage with people they otherwise would never have known.

See for yourself by checking out the short video below:



Although it is still early days for Placeknow, it already boasts a vast database of photos so can rightfully claim its’ title of being ‘a photo atlas of the world.’ Like all sites like this though, its’ success depends on building a strong and active community. So then…what are you waiting for? – Go sign up and let the world see where you are…

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